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Welcome to Impulse Shopping Rehab

An independent four-step program designed to help you curb your impulse shopping habits, restore your self-control, and become an intentional shopper.

Do You Ever Feel Like...

  • Your home is out of control from the CLUTTER of items you’ve purchased over the years that you did not need
  • You know you don’t NEED anything else, but you just can’t control yourself when you see a good deal
  • You experience FOMO (fear of missing out) when your friends have a viral product and you don’t yet
  • Shopping is no longer enjoyable because you no longer have the self-confidence to get what’s on your list
  • Retail therapy is just a way to manage your emotions of anxiety and boredom but you realize it’s not sustainable

I've been there and I understand.

There are so many women who are ready to curb their impulse spending habits, build their savings, and experience true contentment.

  • The biggest challenge is learning how to say no to items that you don’t need and engaging with sales more intentionally.
  • Figuring out how to not experience FOMO (fear of missing out) during this journey can feel overwhelming and frustrating.
  • The great news is that Impulse Shopping Rehab is going to simplify the process so you become aware of your cues, triggers, habits, and become an intentional shopper.

I want you to live in a world where

  • You experience contentment because you've set boundaries around your spending habits and practiced gratitude for the things you already have

  • FOMO doesn’t influence your spending habits

  • Being satisfied with what you already have has caused you to experience JOMO (the joy of missing out) instead

  • You yearn to think deeper about how you spend your money and how your purchases align with your values

  • You don't give in to every ad or discount

  • You don’t use retail therapy and impulse shopping to regulate your emotions but instead, you work towards restoring your self-control and cultivating new habits

That's why I created a resource for the woman who recognizes she struggles with impulse shopping and is ready to experience personal and emotional growth.

If you're serious about curbing your impulse spending habit, then get ready to...

Become aware of your cues and manage them better

Take note of your triggers and make proper changes

Change your old habits and cultivate new ones

Control your impulses and become more intentional

Introducing Impulse Shopping Rehab

This self-paced four-step independent program is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. So if you’ve ever said, “I recognize I am struggling and need help, but it’s not in my budget”, then you are going to LOVE what I have created for you.

How does it work?

Impulse Shopping Rehab is a self-paced, four-step process that will lead you on your journey to becoming less impulsive, in control, and intentional.

  • REVIEW YOUR CUES - In this step, you'll learn about cues, what they are, and how they work. You'll also learn how to manage your cues to produce behaviour modification and habit reversal.

  • RECOGNIZE YOUR TRIGGERS - In this step, you'll learn the history of impulse shopping and some tactics that online and in-person retailers use. We'll also learn your impulse shopping triggers and the results of impulse shopping.

  • RESET YOUR HABITS - In this step, you'll learn how habits are formed and the science behind them. You'll also learn that old habits die hard but it's empowering to create new habits. Cultivating new habits and responding differently to old habits is crucial during this lesson.

  • RESTORE YOUR SELF-CONTROL - The last step is the high point of your recovery. You'll learn about self-control and its origin, how curbing your impulse control will restore your self-control, how your self-confidence has been affected, and tools to help you become a more intentional shopper.

Also included are bonuses to enrich your support

Bonus #1 - Reflection Journal

Reflect on the video lessons and answer the journal prompts.

Bonus #2 - Budget Calculator

Keep track of your impulse purchases and see your progress.

Bonus #3 - Habit Tracker

Track your old and new habits and was triggered them.

Bonus #4 - Spending Tracker

Become aware of purchases and unlock hundreds in monthly savings.

Curbing your impulse spending habit begins today!

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Meet your guide, Makeda!

Through my own struggle with impulse shopping, I've learned how to determine what's enough for me, say no to new items, and as a result, I experienced satisfaction. I uncovered what's really important - a contented life that's rooted in gratitude, my personal relationship with God, and creating memorable moments with my family. My mission is to encourage each person to determine what's enough for them and to begin their own journey of curbing their impulse shopping habit.

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Curbing your impulse spending habits begins today!

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