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It's Time To Reclaim Your Self-Control!

Ready to kick impulse shopping to the curb and cultivate better spending habits? Answer these eight questions that I ask myself before making every purchase.

I'm here to help you break free from impulse shopping.

Hey there, I'm Makeda (Muh-Kay-Duh)! 

I've seen so many women, just like you, held captive by influencers, social media ads, viral products, and even the one too many trips to Target.

Trust me, I understand the challenges of wanting to take advantage of every sale in my inbox and engaging in some retail therapy as a pick-me-up.

You don't have to remain in that constant cycle of buying things you don't need only to regret it later. You can go from impulsive to intentional.

You need someone like me to help you say to yourself, "No, [insert name here]", give you tools to help you spend in alignment with your values, and show you how to experience contentment so that you're not in a constant state of want.

I'm excited! Are you ready to see what's possible for you?

Let's Work Together!

Begin your journey of change

You want to take the first step in breaking free from impulse shopping. You're ready to be guided through mindful consumption and non-material joy.

Experience change at your own pace

You want to be more aware of your triggers and learn what makes you spend. You've lost control and want to be back in control of your spending again.

Work with me to fast-track change

You want one-on-one accountability and support from someone who can create a plan of action to help you break free from impulse spending.

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